5.4 Installing Sentinel Server

Sentinel is a security information and event management solution that receives information from many sources throughout an enterprise, standardizes it, prioritizes it and presents it to you to make threat, risk, and policy-related decisions. Sentinel automates log collection, analysis, and reporting processes to ensure that IT controls are effective supporting threat detection and audit requirements. Sentinel replaces these labor-intensive manual processes with automated, continuous monitoring of security and compliance events and IT controls.

For more information on installing Sentinel Server, see Sentinel Installation Guide http://www.novell.com/documentation/sentinel61/s61_install/?page=/documentation/sentinel61/s61_install/data/

The Audit server Listening IP Address, NAT Public IP Address and Port numbers are configured in the Sentinel server. For more information on configuring the audit server, see Section 5.5, Configuring Audit Server