5.2 Installing the Administration Console

  1. Before installing Novell Access Manager components, check the network connectivity across these machines.

  2. Verify the link latency and ensure that it is less than 100 milliseconds

    If the link latency is less than 100ms, it might lead to performance degradation.

  3. Synchronize time across all the Access Manager components.

    The primary Administration Console should be configured to synchronize time with the corporate Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. The remaining machines should be configured to synchronize time with the primary Administration Console.

    1. Add the following entry to the /etc/crontab file on the primary Administration Console:

      */5 * * * * root sntp -P no -r <corporate NTP_Server> >/dev/null 2>&1
    2. Add the following entry to the /etc/crontab file of the other Access Manager machines:

      */5 * * * * root sntp -P no -r <Primary_Admin_Console_IP> >/dev/null 2>&1
  4. Install the primary Administration Consoles by providing the Listening IP address for the primary Administration Console.

    For more information on installing the Administration Console, see the NetIQ Access Manager 3.1 SP5 Installation Guide.

  5. Install the secondary Administration Console and repeat the above procedures for secondary Administration Console IP address.

  6. Continue with Section 5.3, Configuring Global Settings to add both the primary and secondary Administration Consoles to the Global Settings configuration.