9.9 Audit Log Event Problems on 64-Bit Platforms

No audit log events occur on 64-bit platforms. There is currently no workaround for the WebSphere Agent. For the JBoss and WebLogic Agents, you can enable log events on 64-bit platforms by deleting the LogEvent.jar file and replacing it with the NAuditPA.jar file.

On Windows, the NAuditPA.jar file is located in Program Files\novell\Nsure Audit directory. On Linux, the file is located in /opt/novell/naudit/java/pa directory.

9.9.1 JBoss Agent

Delete the LogEvent.jar file in the server configuration lib directory (the location for the default configuration is the JBoss/server/default/lib directory). Copy the NAuditPA.jar file to this directory.

The LogEvent.jar file also needs to be deleted from the ESP directory (JBoss/server/default/deploy/nesp.ear/nesp.war/WEB-INF/lib). The NAuditPA.jar does not need to be added to this directory.

9.9.2 WebLogic Agent

Linux: Edit the WL_HOME/common/bin/commEnv.sh file. Change the ${AGENT_LIB}/LogEvent.jar path variable to /opt/novell/naudit/java/pa/NAuditPA.jar variable.

Delete the LogEvent.jar file from the ESP directory (nesp.ear/nesp.war/WEB-INF/lib).

Windows: Edit the WL_HOME/common/bin/commEnv.cmd file. Change the%AGENT_LIB%\LogEvent.jar path variable to Program Files\novell\audit\NAuditPA.jar variable.

Delete the LogEvent.jar file from the ESP directory (nesp.ear/nesp.war/WEB-INF/lib).