4.5 Viewing Cluster Statistics

(Access Gateway Appliance) To view general performance statistics for the servers assigned to the selected cluster:

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > Access Gateways > [Name of Cluster] > Statistics.

  2. To determine performance, analyze the following statistics:



    Server Name

    Lists the name of the Access Gateways that belong to the group. To view additional statistical information about a specific Access Gateway, click the name of an Access Gateway.

    CPU %

    Displays the current CPU utilization rate. Use this statistic for capacity planning.

    Cache Hit Rate %

    Displays the current cache hit rate. A high cache hit rate indicates that the caching system is off-loading significant request processing from the Web server whose objects have been cached. If the percentage is low, you might want to configure a pin list. For this and other caching options, see Section 5.0, Configuring the Content Settings.

    Bytes per second to/from Server

    Displays the rate at which the Access Gateway is requesting Web objects from the Web servers it is protecting.

    Bytes per second to/from Browser

    Displays the rate at which browser clients are requesting Web objects.

    Current Connections

    Displays the total number of TCP connections that are active, idle, or closing.


    Allows you to view all the statistics for a selected server. Click View to see these additional statistics. For more information, see Section 4.4, Viewing Access Gateway Statistics.

  3. Click Close.