3.7 Setting Default Login Sequences (Novell iManager)

To set a default login sequence so that users are not required to specify a login sequence when logging in:

  1. Launch Novell iManager.

  2. Authenticate to the eDirectory tree as an administrator or a user with administrative rights.

  3. On the Roles and Tasks menu, click NMAS > NMAS Users, select the user you want to set the default login sequence for, then click the NMAS tab.

  4. Select an authorized login sequence, then click Make Default.

    The sequence you select will be the default login sequence. If a user attempts to log in without using a login sequence, this default login sequence is used.

  5. Click Apply or OK.

NOTE:If a workstation is unable to execute the user’s default login sequence, the NDS password login method is used.

For more information on how to assign login sequences, see Assigning Login Sequences.