3.5 Authorizing Login Sequences for Users (Novell iManager)

3.5.1 Assigning Login Sequences

Authorized and default login sequences can be assigned to a user, a container, a partition root, or the login policy object. NMAS searches for the authorized or default login sequences for a user by attempting to read the attributes from first the User object, then the container of the user object, then the partition root of the user object, and finally the login policy object.

The attributes found with the User object supersede any attributes found with container, partition root, or login policy object. If a login sequence has been assigned to a partition root, that login sequence applies to all the users under that partition root only if a login sequence has not already been individually assigned to specific users.

Also, a login sequence assigned to a container applies only to the users with unassigned sequences in that container, and not to the users in subcontainers of that container.

3.5.2 Authorizing a Login Sequence

  1. Launch Novell iManager.

  2. Authenticate to the eDirectory tree as an administrator or a user with administrative rights.

  3. On the Roles and Tasks menu, click NMAS > NMAS Users, select the user you want to authorize the login sequences for, then click the NMAS tab.

  4. Authorize or de-authorize a login sequence for a user by selecting the login sequence and clicking Authorize or De-authorize.

  5. Click Apply or OK.