3.2 Updating Login and Post-Login Methods

When a login method vendor provides an update for a login or post-login method, you can update the method by doing the following:

3.2.1 Using the nmasinst Utility to Update a Login Method

Use the same procedure you used to install a login method with the nmasinst utility (see Section 3.1.1, Using the nmasinst Utility to Install a Login Method). Include the path to the new config.txt file and the login method is updated.

3.2.2 Using Novell iManager to Update a Login Method

  1. Launch Novell iManager.

  2. Authenticate to the eDirectory tree as an administrator or a user with administrative rights.

  3. On the Roles and Tasks menu, click NMAS > NMAS Login Methods.

  4. Click the login method you want to update.

  5. On the login method property page, click Update Method.

  6. Follow the update wizard to completion.

3.2.3 Using ConsoleOne to Update a Login Method

  1. Right-click the login or post-login method to be updated, select Properties, click the General tab, then click Update Method.

  2. Specify the configuration file, then click Next.

    The configuration file is located in the post-login method folder and is usually named config.txt.

  3. On the license agreement page, click Accept, then click Next.

  4. Accept the default method name or rename it, then click Next.

  5. Review the available modules for this method, then click Finish.

  6. Review the installation summary, then click OK.

  7. Close and restart ConsoleOne to use the newly updated method.

The updated method is available to the users the next time they log in.