6.2 NetWare

For versions earlier than NICI 2.x, the configuration files were kept in sys:\_NetWare and different procedures apply. These instructions are valid only for NICI versions 2.x or later.

6.2.1 Performing a Backup

Back up the sys:\system\NICI directory and any subdirectories along with access rights. There is only one user on NetWare, so the problem of backing up and restoring the user directories does not exist.

6.2.2 Restoring NICI

  1. Determine if NICI is already installed on the server by searching for the sys:\system\nici\nici.cfg file, then do one of the following:

    • If NICI is not installed on the server, just restore the sys:\system\NICI directory and its contents.

    • If NICI is installed on the server, make a backup of the existing setup and remove NICI from the server. Then copy the whole backup structure from the backup store.

Selective restoration can be done only if the nicifk file hasn’t changed from the one on the backup store. If it hasn’t changed, you can restore whatever files in the sys:\system\NICI directory you choose. Generally, the files should be restored as a group, but if you are knowledgeable, you might choose to restore only certain files or subdirectories.