5.4 Help Desk

Help Desk provides access to a limited number of user-related tasks. The user who owns this role can do the following:

For more information about User objects, see the Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Administration Guide.

5.4.1 Clearing a Lockout

A user can be locked out for entering the wrong password too many times or trying to log in with an expired password.

  1. In Roles and Tasks, select Help Desk > Clear Lockout.

  2. In the Clear Lockout page, specify the name of a User object, or use the Object Selector to locate it, then click OK.

5.4.2 Creating a User

To create a new user object:

  1. In Roles and Tasks, select Help Desk > Create User.

    Fill out the necessary user information, as described in Creating a User.

5.4.3 Setting a Password

  1. In Roles and Tasks, select Help Desk > Set Password.

  2. In the Set Password page, specify the name of the User Object. Use the Object Selector to browse for the User Object or use Simple Selection to search for it.

  3. Specify the new password for the selected User object (twice), then click OK.

    Select Set simple password to define a simple password, which is required for native file access for Windows* and Macintosh* users. It is not necessary when Universal Password is enabled.