NetIQ iManager Administration Guide

  NetIQ iManager Administration Guide
    Accessing iManager
      Accessing Server-Based iManager
      Accessing iManager Workstation
      Understanding Access Modes
      Authenticating to an EBA-Enabled eDirectory Server
      Managing Multiple eDirectory Trees
    Navigating the iManager Interface
      iManager Interface
      Special Characters
    Browsing Objects
      Using the Object View
      Using the Object Selector
    Roles and Tasks
      Navigating Roles and Tasks
      Directory Administration
      Help Desk
      Partitions and Replicas
    Configuring and Customizing iManager
      Role-Based Services
      RBS Configuration
      RBS Reporting
      iManager Server
      Object Creation List
      Plug-In Module Installation
      Downloading and Installing Plug-in Modules
      E-Mail Notification
      Manage Favorites
      Object Selector
      Object View
      Set Initial View
      Authentication Issues
      Accessing NCP Server Objects
      Deleting and Re-creating User Accounts with the Same Name (Windows XP/2000)
      DNS 630 Error Message Appears When Creating a Property Book with Invalid Characters in Name
      eDirectory Maintenance Task Errors
      Enabling Debug Messages for Install and Configure
      History Does Not Automatically Sync Across Multiple Simultaneous User Logins
      iManager Does Not Work After Installing Groupwise 7.0 WebAccess (Windows Server 2000/2003)
      Missing Attribute, Object, or Value Errors
      Missing Roles or Tasks in the Configure View
      Running eDirectory and iManager on the Same Computer (Windows only)
      “Service Unavailable” Message Appears During Multiple Plug-In Installs
      “Unable to Determine Universal Password Status” Error
      iManager Workstation Does Not Display Information
      Sometimes Refresh Button Does Not Function
      iManager Plug-in Installation Hangs or Plug-ins Are Not Properly Installed
      Login Issue with Tree IP Address Change
      Insufficient Java Heap Size Results in Failed Login
      Java Error Messages are Displayed After Closing the Browser of iManager Workstation
      iManager and LDAP Use Different Date Ranges
      Creating Secure SSL LDAP Context Fails While Modifying a Dynamic Group
      iManager Plug-In for eDirectory Fails If The LDAP Server Uses a Certificate Issued By Third Party CA
      iManager Is Vulnerable to Cross-Domain Referer Leakage
      iManager Fails to Display the Replica View of a Server
    Auditing iManager Events
      Enabling Novell Auditing in iManager
      Enabling XDAS Auditing in iManager
      Configuring XDAS Audit for iManager
      Enabling CEF Auditing in iManager
      Configuring Audit for iManager with Third-Party Certificates
      Configuring Audit for iManager in Strict Mode
    Best Practices and Common Questions
      Backup and Restore Options
      Coexistence with previous versions of iManager 2.x and Role-Based Services
      Failed Installs
      Performance Tuning
      iManager AppArmor Profile
      Allocating Additional Tomcat Memory in Windows
    iManager Security Issues
      Secure LDAP Certificates
      Self-Signed Certificates
      iManager Authorized Users and Groups
      Preventing User Name Discovery
      Tomcat Settings
      Encrypted Attributes
      Secure Connections
    NetIQ Plug-in Modules
    Legal Notice