5.2 About the Forms Tab

You use the Forms tab of the provisioning request definition editor to define the appearance and behavior of your request and approval forms.

Figure 5-5 Forms Tab

The Forms tab contains a Form Selection section (described in About Form Selection) and a Form Controls section (described in About Form Controls).

5.2.1 About Form Selection

Use the Form Selection section to create, delete, or preview a form, or to create a form template. Click the Request or Approval tab depending on the type of form you want to manipulate.

Figure 5-6 Form Selection

The Form Selection toolbar contains these options:

Table 5-1 Form Selection Toolbar Options



Click to launch the New Form Wizard.

Click to delete an existing form.

Click to save the form as a template. You can then base other forms on this template. Forms are saved as XML documents in the project directory.

Templates are available only within the project in which you create them.

Click to preview the form.

If you create a provisioning request definition from an existing template, and the template has forms associated with it, the Form Controls section displays them. You can modify the form instance using the Form Controls section.

5.2.2 About Form Controls

Use the Form Controls section to define or modify the form’s appearance and behavior.

  • Fields tab: Lets you add, delete, and change the data type, control type, and layout order of the controls on the form.

    For information about adding controls, see Section 5.3, Creating Forms. For more information about individual form controls, see Section 5.5, Form Control Reference.

  • Actions tab: Lets you define the actions the user can perform on the form. Use the Actions toolbar to add, delete, and change the actions and layout order of the actions on the form.

    For more information about the supported actions, see Section 5.4, Action Reference.

  • Scripts tab: Use the Scripts tab to define calls to external JavaScript files or to write JavaScript scripts that are stored as part of the form definition. When you have created a script by using this tab, it becomes available in the Action Script Expression Builder and you can call it from any form control event. These scripts have a page-scope rather than an event-scope. For more information about using the script tab, see Section 5.3.4, Using the Scripts Tab.

  • Events