21.3 Exploring the Tab’s Features

This section describes the default features of the Compliance tab. (Your tab might look different because of customizations made for your organization; consult your system administrator.)

The left side of the Compliance tab displays a menu of actions you can perform. The actions are listed within the Attestation Requests category:

Figure 21-1 Compliance Tab Menu

The Attestation Requests actions are only displayed if you are a Compliance Administrator.

When you click an action, it displays a corresponding page on the right. The page typically contains a window that shows the details for that action. For example, it might display a list or a form where you can enter data or make a selection, as shown below:

Figure 21-2 Page Displayed for an Action

Most pages you work with on the Compliance tab include a button in the upper right corner that lets you display the Compliance legend:

Compliance legend button

For details on the Compliance legend, see Section 21.5, Understanding the Attestation Requests Legend.