9.5 Configuring External Forgot Password Management

Use the Forgot Password Link configuration parameter to specify the location of a WAR containing Forgot Password functionality. You can specify a WAR that is external or internal to the User Application.

9.5.1 Specifying an External Forgot Password Management WAR

  1. Use either the install procedure or the configupdate utility.

  2. In the User Application configuration parameters, select the Use External Password WAR configuration parameter check box.

  3. For the Forgot Password Link configuration parameter, specify the location for the external password WAR.

    Include the host and port, for example http://localhost:8180/ExternalPwd/jsps/pwdmgt/ForgotPassword.jsp. An external password WAR can be outside the firewall protecting the User Application.

  4. For the Forgot Password Return Link, specify the link shown after the user finishes performing the forgot password procedure. When the user clicks this link, the user is redirected to the link specified.

  5. For the Forgot Password Web Service URL, supply the URL for the Web Service that the external forward password WAR uses to call back to the User Application. The format must URL is as follows: https://<idmhost>:<sslport>/<idm>/pwdmgt/service.

    The return link must use SSL to ensure secure Web Service communication to the User Application. See also Section 9.5.4, Configuring SSL Communication between JBoss Servers.

  6. Manually copy ExternalPwd.war to the remote JBoss server deploy directory that runs the external password WAR functionality.

9.5.2 Specifying an Internal Password WAR

  1. In the User Application configuration parameters, do not select Use External Password WAR.

  2. Accept the default location for the Forgot Password Link, or supply a URL for another password WAR.

  3. Accept the default value for Forgot Password Return Link.

9.5.3 Testing the External Forgot Password WAR Configuration

If you have an external password WAR and want to test the Forgot Password functionality by accessing it, you can access it in the following locations:

  • Directly, in a browser. Go to the Forgot Password page in the external password WAR, for example http://localhost:8180/ExternalPwd/jsps/pwdmgt/ForgotPassword.jsp.

  • At the User Application login page, click the Forgot Password link.

9.5.4 Configuring SSL Communication between JBoss Servers

If you select Use External Password WAR in the User Application configuration file during installation, you must configure SSL communication between the JBoss servers on which you are deploying the User Application WAR and the External Forgot Password Management WAR file. Refer to your JBoss documentation for directions.