NetIQ Identity Manager Home and Provisioning Dashboard User Guide

The User Guide provides information about installing, configuring, and using the NetIQ Identity Manager Home and NetIQ Identity Manager Provisioning Dashboard add-on user interfaces for the Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module.

Intended Audience

This book provides information for individuals responsible for using the Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module to make and approve process requests of various types. The primary audience for this book is an end user of the User Application interface who needs simple, easy-to-understand access to user-facing RBPM functions.

Other Information in the Library

The library provides the following information resources:

User Application: Administration Guide

Describes how to administer the Identity Manager User Application.

User Application: Design Guide

Describes how to use the Designer to create User Application components, including how to work with the Provisioning view, the directory abstraction layer editor, the provisioning request definition editor, the provisioning team editor, and the role catalog.

User Application: Installation Guide

Describes how to install the Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2.

User Application: Localization Toolkit Guide

Describes how to use the Identity Manager User Application Localization Toolkit to add languages not typically supported by the Identity Manager User Application.

RBPM and Reporting Migration Guide

Describes how to migrate to the Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2 from an earlier version of the User Application or Roles Based Provisioning Module. This guide also describes how to migrate to the Identity Reporting Module 4.0.2.

Identity Reporting Module Guide

Describes the Identity Reporting Module for Identity Manager 4.0 and how you can use the features it offers, including the Reporting Module user interface and custom report definitions, as well as providing installation instructions.

User Application: User Guide

Describes the user interface of the Identity Manager User Application and how you can use the features it offers, including identity self-service, the Work Dashboard, role and resource management, and compliance management.


Provides context-sensitive information and step-by-step guidance for common tasks.

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