6.5 Auditing and Reporting

The Identity Reporting Module and Sentinel are two different tools used to gather auditing and reporting information about Identity Manager. Figure 6-5 lists the supported version of Sentinel with Identity Manager 4.0.2.

Figure 6-5 Auditing and Reporting

The Identity Reporting Module is a component of the Identity Manager Advanced Edition. Sentinel is an optional component you can add to your Identity Manager system, but Sentinel does not come with Identity Manager.

By adding auditing and reporting, you can meet compliance standards that many companies must abide by. You can create audit trails for any events you need to track, and you can generate reports to meet audit standards for your company.

For system requirements and configuration information about the Identity Reporting Module, see the System Requirements section the Identity Reporting Module Guide. For configuration information about Sentinel with Identity Manager, see the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Reporting Guide for Novell Sentinel. For system requirement information about Novell Sentinel, see the “Supported Platforms and Best Practices” section in the Sentinel Installation Guide.