3.1 Supported Platforms

Figure 3-1shows platforms supported by the Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1 integrated installer.

Figure 3-1 System Requirements for the Identity Manager Integrated Installer

The Identity Manager 4.0.1a does not install iManager 2.7.4 FTF3. To extend support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 browsers, manually upgrade iManager 2.7.4 to iManager 2.7.4 FTF3. For iManager installation and upgrade requirements, see Installing iManager section in the iManager 2.7 Installation Guide.

With Identity Manager 4.0.1, the Event Auditing Service is supported only on the SLES platforms. The Event Auditing Service is not supported on Windows and RHEL. If Event Auditing Service server is installed on a remote machine, the integrated installer displays an additional field for Identity Reporting configuration that allows you to specify the Event Auditing Service system password for the server. Copy the system password from the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel_eas/config/activemqusers.properties file on the machine where Event Auditing Service is installed, and paste it into the Event Auditing Service system password field.

Not all Identity Manager components can be installed on all platforms. For example, the only component supported on Solaris is Metadirectory server or Event Auditing Service is supported only on SLES platforms.