9.0 Securely Storing Driver Passwords with Named Passwords

Identity Manager allows you to securely store multiple passwords for a driver. This functionality is referred to as Named Passwords. Each different password is accessed by a key, or name.

You can add Named Passwords to a driver set or to individual drivers. Named Passwords for a driver set are available to all drivers in the set. Named Passwords for an individual driver are available only to that driver.

To use a Named Password in a driver policy, you refer to it by the name of the password, instead of using the actual password, and the Metadirectory engine sends the password to the driver. The method described in this section for storing and retrieving Named Passwords can be used with any driver without making changes to the driver shim.

NOTE:The sample configurations provided for the Identity Manager Driver for Lotus Notes include an example of using Named Passwords in this way. The Notes driver shim has also been customized to support other ways of using Named Passwords, and examples of those methods are also included. For more information, see the section on Named Passwords in the Identity Manager Driver Guide for Lotus Notes.

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