5.2 Creating a Driver Health Job

The health of a driver is evaluated during the periodic execution of a Driver Health job. The job evaluates the conditions for the health states and assigns the driver the appropriate state. The job also executes any actions associated with the assigned state.

If a Driver Health job does not exist, the Driver Health Configuration page displays a Run the New Driver wizard and import the Driver Health Job’s configuration prompt, as shown in the following screenshot. If the page does not display this prompt, the Driver Health job already exists; you can skip to Section 5.4, Modifying the Conditions for a Health State.

To create a Driver Health job:

  1. Open the Driver Health Configuration page for a driver you want to monitor.

    For help opening the Driver Health Configuration page, see Step 1 through Step 3.

  2. Click New Driver, then follow the prompts to import the configuration file for the Driver Health job. Refer to the following information for details:

    • Where to place the driver: Place the job in the same driver set as the driver. The correct driver set is selected by default.

    • Import a configuration: Import the configuration from the server. In the Show field, select Identity Manager 3.6.1 configurations, then select the Driver Health job in the Configurations field.

    • Email server: Select the e-mail server that you want used for any actions that initiate e-mail. If you have not defined additional e-mail servers, select the Default Notification Collection server.

    • Servers: If the driver set is associated with only one server, that server is selected and cannot be changed. If the driver set is associated with multiple servers, select the server where you want to run the job.

After the job is created, you can adjust the job settings as desired. For example, you can modify how often the job runs, which drivers use the job, and how much data the job maintains to support transaction history. For instructions, continue with Section 5.3, Modifying the Driver Health Job’s Settings.