5.1 Creating a Driver Health Configuration

The health configuration for version 3.6 or newer drivers is automatically configured. Skip this section if your drivers are version 3.6 or newer.

If you have drivers that are older than version 3.6, you need to create the health configuration for each driver you want to monitor.

  1. In iManager, click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. In the Administration list, click Driver Health Configuration.

  3. In the Driver to configure health checking field, select the driver for which you want to create the health configuration, then click OK to display the Driver Health Configuration page.

    If the driver’s health configuration does not yet exist, the Driver Health Configuration page displays a Create a basic health configuration for it now prompt.

  4. Click Create a basic health configuration for it now.

    A basic health configuration is created and displayed. Sample conditions are created for the green and yellow states (not the red).

  5. Continue with Section 5.2, Creating a Driver Health Job.