5.0 Starting a Job

You can start a job by establishing a run schedule for the job, or you can manually start the job. The following steps explain how to use iManager to manually start a job. For information about creating a schedule to run a job, see Section 2.0, Adding a Predefined Job. For information about using Designer to start a job, see Scheduling Jobs in the Designer 3.5 for Identity Manager 3.6 Administration Guide.

  1. In iManager, click Creating a New Job to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. Open the Overview page for the driver or driver set where the job is defined:

    1. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview to display the Identity Manager Overview page.

    2. In the Search in field, specify the fully distinguished name of the container where you want to start searching for driver sets and then click Creating a New Job, or leave [root] in the field and click Creating a New Job to search from the root of the tree.

      You can also click Creating a New Job to browse for and select the container in the tree structure, or click Creating a New Job to select the container from a list of previously selected objects.

    3. After the available driver sets are displayed on the Driver Sets page, click the desired driver set to display the Driver Set Overview page.

    4. (Conditional) If you are starting the job for a driver (rather than a driver set), click the driver to display the Driver Overview page.

  3. Click the Jobs tab.

    Jobs tab on Driver Set Overview page
  4. Select the check box in front of the job you want to start, then click Run Now.

  5. Click OK to dismiss the startup confirmation dialog box.