15.0 Removing Objects from eDirectory

The first step in uninstalling Identity Manager is to delete all Identity Manager objects from the Identity Vault. If any driver set objects are partition root objects in eDirectory, the partition must be merged into the parent partition before the driver set object can be deleted. When the driver set is created, the wizard prompts you to make the driver set a partition.

Delete the Identity Manager objects:

  1. Perform a health check on the eDirectory database. If any errors occur, fix the errors before proceeding. For more information, see Keeping eDirectory Healthy in the Novell eDirectory 8.8 Administration Guide.

  2. Log in to iManager as an administrator user with full rights to the eDirectory tree.

  3. Select Partitions and Replica > Merge Partition.

  4. Browse to and select the driver set object that is the partition root object, then click OK.

  5. Wait for the merge process to complete, then click OK.

  6. Delete the driver set object.

    When you delete the driver set object, it deletes all of the driver objects associated with that driver set.

  7. Repeat Step 3 through Step 6 for each driver set object that is in the eDirectory database, until they are all deleted.

  8. Repeat Step 1 to make sure all merges completed and all of the objects have been deleted.

Proceed to Section 16.0, Uninstalling the Metadirectory Server and Drivers.