5.0 Monitoring Driver Health

Driver health monitoring allows you to view a driver’s current state of health as green, yellow, or red, and to define the actions to perform in response to each of these health states.

You create the conditions (criteria) that determine each of the health states, and you also define the actions you want performed whenever the driver’s health state changes. For example, if the driver’s health changes from a green state to a yellow state (based on the conditions you’ve established), you can perform such actions as restarting the driver, shutting down the driver, and sending an e-mail to the person designated to resolve issues with the driver.

You can also define custom states. Whenever the conditions for the custom state are met, the associated actions are performed regardless of the driver’s current state of green, yellow, or red.

The driver’s health state is not monitored unless both a health configuration and a health job exist and the health job is running. If the configuration and job exist and the job is running, the driver icon displays a semaphore (green, yellow, or red indicator). Otherwise, the semaphore is not displayed or is displayed without a colored indicator.

Figure 5-1 Driver health indicator

To turn on health monitoring for the driver, complete the steps provided in the following three sections:

After you’ve created the driver’s health configuration and health job, you can use the steps in the following sections to modify the conditions and actions associated with each health state and to create one or more custom states: