Deprecated as of DirXML 2.0 - use DirXMLScript <do-veto-if-op-attr-not-available> or <do-set-default-attr-value>.

<required-attr> is used to specify an attribute required to create an object as part of the criteria for the enclosing <create-rule>.

<required-attr> may contain one or more <value> elements. If it contains any value elements these are used as default values if the <add> event did not specify that attribute. If no default values are specified, then the <add> event will be vetoed unless it contains an <add-attr> corresponding to the attr-name of the <require-attr>.


See <create-rules>

1. Allowed Content

The attribute value.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
attr-name CDATA
The name of the required attribute in the eDirectory namespace.
write-back true   |  false
Set to true if the default value should also be written back to the source object.

3. Content Rule

( value ) *

4. Parent Elements

  Object creation rule. Deprecated as of DirXML 2.0.

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