<driver-config> is used to specify driver specific configuration options. It is the top-level element in the XML stored in the DirXML-ShimConfigInfo attribute of the DirXML-Driver object in eDirectory.

The enclosed <driver-options>, <subscriber-options>, and <publisher-options> may each contain any number of <config-object> and driver defined elements. The driver defined elements may each contain text data.

Each driver-defined element may have a type attribute. The type attribute may specify that the element refers to a "named password" by assigning the value password-ref to the attribute. A named password reference is replaced at runtime with the actual value of a named password set using the DirXML administration facilities.

In the DirXML administration interface, each driver defined element will be displayed as an edit control that can edit the content of the element. Each <config-object> will be displayed as a single valued dn control that will allow the selection of a dn to fill in the dest-dn of enclosed <query>. Each control will be labeled with the value of the display-name attribute if it exists or with the tag name if it does not exist.


<driver-config name="Netscape DirXML Driver">
<display-method display-name="Debug Output (0-none, 1-Window, 2-DSTrace)">1</display-method>
<config-object display-name="Super driver configuration data">
<query dest-dn="novell/Driver Set/Super Driver/Config Object" scope="entry" event-id="config1">
<read-attr attr-name="Some Attribute"/>
<read-attr attr-name="XmlData" type="xml"/>
<pollRate display-name="Poll rate in seconds">5</pollRate>
<changeLogSuffix display-name="Netscape changelog suffix">cn=changelog</changeLogSuffix>
<changeLogBegin display-name="Starting changelog (1-First, 2-New, 3-Continue)">2</changeLogBegin>

1. Allowed Content

Driver specific DriverShim configuration options.
Driver specific SubscriptionShim configuration options.
Driver specific PublicationShim configuration options.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
name CDATA
human readable name of the driver shim

3. Content Rule

( driver-options ? , subscriber-options ? , publisher-options ? )

4. Parent Elements


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