1.3 Software Fixes

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes for the following components:

1.3.1 Installation and Upgrade

NetIQ Identity Manager includes the following software fixes that resolve several previous issues in installation or upgrade:

iManager Correctly Displays Saved Value in Driver Mapping Table

When you enter a string in the Driver Mapping Table column and save, the table does not truncate the string and instead retains the complete string. (Bug 283078)

Ability to Upgrade SSPR when Multiple SSPR Path Values Exist in setenv.sh File

Duplicate instances of SSPR paths in the setenv.sh file cause no interruption to the SSPR upgrade. (Bug 325310)

Issue with Redirect URL Value Set in Properties File

Identity Manager 4.8 upgrade sets the com.netiq.rpt.redirect.url value to accurate URL in ism-configuration.properties file. (Bug 230916)

1.3.2 Identity Manager Engine

if-attr Condition Correctly Evaluates Single Value and Multi Value Attributes in Engine

The DTD documentation now describes the attribute value evaluation functionality of if-attr condition. (Bug 328466)

1.3.3 Identity Applications

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues in the Identity Applications:

Ability to Sort Responses of getWorkEntries API Call with Single and Multiple Addressee

The updated Identity Applications sorts the getWorkEntries soap endpoint responses as per their time of creation. (Bug 321051)

Identity Manager Dashboard Does Not Display Duplicate Roles in Roles Tile

Roles tile in Identity Manager Dashboard now displays only direct role assignments list. In the Permissions page, you can select the Show all assignments option to view both the direct and indirect role assignments. (Bug 307004)

User Search Returns Dynamic Entity Value Set to Full Name or Label Based on the Position of User in Search Results

With Custom Default value, the Dynamic Entity value is set to full name when user is within search limit else the label gets set. (Bug 313005)

Identity Applications Does Not Trigger Permissions API to Access Applications Page

The enhanced Identity Application triggers the /IDMProv/rest/access/permissions API call only to add permissions in the Edit Landing page. (Bug 327165)

RRSD Driver Successfully Processes Expiry Evaluation without eDirectory Crash

The 4.8.4 release handles nrfTimer thread execution in Role and Resource Service Driver. (Bug 328726)

IDM Availability Setting Deletion Successfully Removes its Objects Completely in iManager

Availability setting deletion in Identity Manager correctly eliminates the DelegatorAssignment Object along with DelegationAssignment object. (Bug 230989)

Ability to Add and Remove User from a Group Simultaneously During Role Recalculation

The Role and Resource Server Driver has been enhanced to retain all the inherited roles without any error during add and remove task operations. (Bug 331029)

Missing nrfInheritedRoles value for Child Role During Role Recalculation Does Not Display Error

The nrfInheritedRoles value is corrected when inherited roles attribute for user is unavailable. (Bug 331028)

RRSD Driver No Longer Returns Null Pointer Exception During Role Recalculation Without Cause Element

The updated Role and Resource Service driver recalculates the cause element with assigned group information and update it wherever necessary. (Bug 331027)

Request Catalog Display Request status or Resource Assignments Search Results Correctly

The Request Catalog does not repeatedly search for a user when multiple request statuses or resource assignments are entitled to the user. (Bug 324175)

Start Workflow Correctly Passes Date to Workflow Engine After Identity Application 4.8 Upgrade

The Start Workflow policy action now passes the date in appropriate format for the Workflow Engine and executes processDataItemsWithRequestParams() successfully. (Bug 322287)

Issue with Role Revocation and Resource Assignments in RRSD Driver

When you assign same resource to multiple roles and initiate role revoke for a user, the RRSD driver does not display any exception. (Bug 322155)

Select Component Successfully Resets to Display Results Based on the User Selection

Form Builder now correctly resets the select component results to display empty list if the selected user has no direct reports. (Bug 322045)

Ability to Handle LDAP Read Time Out Errors

Identity Application is enhanced to ensure all LDAP requests gets respective responses from the eDirectory. (Bug 321149)

RRSD Driver Executes All Other Events Correctly Prior to nrf:resourceassociation Event Execution

Both resource object and assigned resource on user must have entitlement reference. When you revoke a resource and the assigned resource does not have entitlement reference, a status warning message displays in RRSD logs. (Bug 319305)

getWorkEntriesRequest Soap Endpoint Functionality is Independent of the Characters Specified in User Name

The getWorkEntriesRequest SOAP endpoint is case insensitive and returns all tasks assigned for the user. (Bug 318332)

Ability to Handle Subsequent Start Requests Once getCommentsByActivity API Triggers

The updated Identity Application executes Start soap endpoint requests without any errors post getCommentsByActivity API trigger. (Bug 320014)

getContainer() Successfully Retrieves Role Assignment Details

The SOAP role service method returns the role assignment details only when there are roles assigned to container DN. (Bug 311049)

Event Move Operation No Longer Stacks Events

This release updates driver policies that enable the RRSD driver to move events from one container to other, while ignoring the time consuming events. (Bug 290145)

Form Builder Output Correctly Displays Configured DN Both in Preview and Renderer View

When you deploy a form, it uses the displayed DN value in Data Tab. (Bug 232103)

User Search Query in Delegation No Longer Takes Time to Retrieve and Display the Results

The Identity Manager Dashboard is enhanced to search all the users that match the input text and return the results in Delegation promptly. (Bug 231535)

Identity Application’s Role Page Load Termination Does Not Log Errors

Navigation to other Identity Applications page or execution of other tasks while loading roles in the Role page no longer log errors in the catalina.out file. (Bug 231037)

Ability to Perform User Search and Filter All the Relevant Results for Delegation and Availability

Identity Manager Dashboard allows LDAP query to filter all the relevant team members in selected team for both Delegation and Availability. (Bug 329311)

Accessing Others Tab in Permissions Does Not Rely on either Addition or Removal of Roles and Resources

Identity Apllications’ Others tab is common for all the users with various assigned permissions, roles and resources. (Bug 329658)

Bulk Approval of Tasks Ignore Approval Forms with Empty Required Fields

Identity Manager Dashboard no longer process approval forms with empty required fields during bulk tasks approval. (Bug 316140)

Start API No Longer Passes Empty Date String During Date Formatting

Data Item Mapping generates correct values when date string is empty and successfully performs date format. (Bug 327325)

Ability to Successfully Transfer Client Settings from Database to Other Location Using MigrationSettings.jar

MigrationSettings.jar does not rely on the client id in the file name to copy or import client settings. (Bug 258167)

Event Handlers in Driver Correctly Clears oidpInstanceData Attribute Value

Timely cleanup of oidpInstanceData attribute value results in successful eDirectory synchronization. (Bug 230616)

getCommentsRequest Trigger Returns Responses Without a Task Claim

The getCommentsRequest SOAP endpoint is updated to execute successfully and return the appropriate responses. (Bug 368103)

Issue to Load Dashboard Page when Anonymous Bind is Set for LDAP Server

Identity Applications allows you to access Dashboard page without any issues when the configured LDAP server has anonymous bind option set. (Bug 318202)

1.3.4 Identity Reporting

NetIQ Identity Manager includes the following software fixes that resolve several previous issues in Identity Reporting:

Identity Reporting Supports TLS1.2 Protocol to Download Reports Through Local Repository

The updated Identity Reporting uses same protocol version as of the server to connect and download reports from local repository. (Bug 314426)

1.3.5 Designer

NetIQ Identity Manager includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues in Designer:

Provides an Option to Enable TLS for “Do Send Email” Action

You can now configure the Use TLS field value in a policy while sending an email using the do-send-email action. Only Identity Manager 4.8.2 and above versions has this field enabled. (Bug 316259)

Ability to Import Schema Files in LDIF Format

The Designer is enhanced to import schema file using ldif file without any error. (Bug 327308)

Introduces Get Token Field in the Query Element

Designer now allows you to set the get token field value in Argument editor to retrieve available objects result pages. The default value for the get-token field is true. This field is enabled for Identity Manager 4.8 and above versions. (Bug 316259)

Ability to Successfully Import Server Objects and Deploy Drivers when the Non-secure Port is Unavailable

You can now import server objects, deploy newly imported server specific GCV’s and driver successfully irrespective of the availability of non-secure port. (Bug 318024 and Bug 303040)

Displays Zero Errors, in the Project Validation Report, when the if-dest-attr is Used in a Project

Correct declaration of if-dest-attr element type in project displays no errors in project validation report. (Bug 322013)

Ability to Successfully Create or Update the Conditions in DAL Without Any Errors

The updated Designer now allows you to modify, add or delete conditions in relationships and queries successfully. (Bug 314124)

Replaces the Designer Tutorials, that were Adobe Flash Based, with MP4 Format

From 4.8.4 release onward you can access MP4 file format supported Designer tutorials. (Bug 321361)