NetIQ Identity Manager Containers 4.8 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

1.0 What’s New And Changed?

Identity Manager 4.8.1 containers provides you the following key functions in this release:

1.1 Support for Fresh Install of Containers

In addition to supporting the update mechanism for containers, this release provides support for fresh install of containers. In other words, you can directly deploy the Identity Manager 4.8.1 containers without the need to deploy the 4.8 version.

1.2 Support for Exiting the Containers Gracefully

This release introduces support for the graceful exit of containers. This feature can be leveraged by using the --stop-timeout flag in the docker run command. NetIQ recommends you to set the value of this flag to 100. For example, when you stop a container where active processes are running inside the container, the container waits for 100 seconds and then exits. If all the processes inside the container are stopped before the time specified in the --stop-timeout flag, the container exits when the last process is killed.

1.3 Support for Customized Docker Logs

This release introduces support for customized Docker logs. To redirect the default log output to customized docker logs, use the LOGTOFOLLOW flag in the docker run command. For example, if you want to follow the new logs for OSP, specify the -e LOGTOFOLLOW="<list of files separated by space>" environment variable in the docker run command. This prints the logs in the new docker logs. Also, you can use the docker logs -f <container-name> command to monitor the log files.

2.0 Software Fixes

This release includes the following software fixes. In addition to these fixes, this release also includes all the software fixes mentioned in the NetIQ Identity Manager 4.8.1 Release Notes.

2.1 Identity Manager Configuration Generator Image Does Not Display Duplicate Prompts

While you are generating the silent properties file from the Identity Configuration Generator image, the duplicate prompts are removed. (Bug 1164056)

2.2 Ability of the Configuration Generator Image to Automatically Start the Creation of Silent Properties File

After running the command to deploy the Identity Configuration Generator image, the silent properties script will automatically run once the container is deployed. (Bug 1172181)

2.3 Silent Properties File Does Not Contain Duplicate Entries

After generating the silent properties file, the silent properties file does not contain any duplicate entries. (Bug 1162461)

2.4 Ability of the Identity Configuration Generator Image to Place the Silent Properties File in a Mounted Volume

By default, the Identity Configuration Generator image now saves the silent properties file in a mounted volume. (Bug 1164058)

3.0 Installing or Updating to This Service Pack

This release provides support for fresh install and update of containers. For more information, see the NetIQ Identity Manager: Using Identity Manager 4.8.1 Containers.

4.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

4.1 Existing Reports are Not Available in the Volumized Path After Updating the Identity Reporting Container

Issue: After updating the Identity Reporting container, the existing reports are missing from the volumized path. (Bug 1172251)

Workaround: Before you update the Identity Reporting container, manually copy the PDF and CSV files to the volumized path.

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