2.5 Driver Configuration

You must create a common data model to allow drivers to work together.

Even though each driver is unique and uses different policies, all drivers use the same guidelines to make the driver configuration file consistent. For example, all policies and driver configuration files have the same naming conventions and support the same common data module.

See Identity Manager Driver Configuration Development Guidelines for guidelines on developing new drivers.

2.5.1 Using GCVs in Policies

Global Configuration Values (GCV) are global configuration values or constants, not global variables. There is no way to change a GCV value at runtime. GCVs are globally accessible to the driver and driver set, but not to the tree or network. GCVs can be consumed by all drivers in a driver set or by all policies in a driver. For more information on using GCVs, see Configuring Global Configuration Objects in the NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager Administration Guide.

2.5.2 Simulation and Staging

The Policy Simulator allows you to test and debug a single policy or a group of policies contained in a policy set or all the policies in a driver or a driver set without implementing the policy in the Identity Vault. It also provides a graphical editor to create the XDS Input documents. You can use these features to test the policies without affecting the production environment or the connected system. This means that you can essentially use Designer as the first stage in your deployment process by developing and then testing your policies through simulation.