22.7 Upgrading Identity Reporting

Identity Reporting includes two drivers. Also, you might need to migrate content from NetIQ Event Auditing Service to Sentinel Log Management for IGA. Perform the upgrade in the following order:

  1. Upgrade the driver package for the Data Collection Services.

  2. Upgrade the driver package for the Managed System Gateway Service.

  3. Migrate to Sentinel Log Management for IGA.

  4. Upgrade Identity Reporting.

22.7.1 Upgrading the Driver Packages for Identity Reporting

This section explains how to update the packages for the Managed System Gateway and Data Collection Service drivers to the latest version. You must perform this task before upgrading Identity Reporting.

  1. In Designer, open your current project.

  2. Right-click Package Catalog > Import Package.

  3. Select the appropriate package. For example, Manage System Gateway Base package

  4. Click OK.

  5. In the Developer View, right-click the driver and then click Properties.

  6. Navigate to the Packages tab in the Properties page.

  7. Click the Add package (+) symbol in the top right corner.

  8. Select the package, and then click OK.

  9. Complete the configuration process for the driver. For more information, see the following sections:

  10. Repeat Step 2 through Step 9 to upgrade the package for the Data Collection Service Driver.

  11. Ensure that the Managed System Gateway Driver and Data Collection Service Driver are connected to the upgraded Identity Manager.

22.7.2 Upgrading Identity Reporting

Before upgrading Identity Reporting, you must upgrade the identity applications and SLM for IGA. To upgrade Identity Reporting from version 4.0.2 or later, install the new version on top of the older version. For more information, see Installing Identity Reporting.

22.7.3 Changing the References to reportRunner in the Database

After upgrading Identity Reporting and before starting Tomcat for the first time, ensure that you update the references to reportRunner from the database.

  1. Stop Tomcat.

  2. Navigate to the Identity Reporting installation directory and rename the reportContent folder to ORG-reportContent.

    For example: C:\NetIQ\idm\apps\IdentityReporting

  3. Clean the temporary and work directories under the Tomcat folder.

  4. Log in to the PostgreSQL database.

    1. Locate the reportRunner references in the following tables:

      • idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_rpt_params

      • idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_definition

    2. Issue the following delete statements:

      DELETE FROM idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_rpt_params WHERE rpt_def_id='com.novell.content.reportRunner';
      DELETE FROM idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_definition WHERE def_id='com.novell.content.reportRunner';
  5. Start Tomcat.

    Check the logs to see if the reports are regenerated with the correct reportRunner.

  6. Log into Identity Reporting and run the reports.

22.7.4 Verifying the Upgrade for Identity Reporting

  1. Launch Identity Reporting.

  2. Verify that old and new reports are being displayed in the tool.

  3. Look at the Calendar to see whether your scheduled reports appear.

  4. Ensure that the Settings page displays your previous settings for managed and unmanaged applications.

  5. Verify that all other settings look correct.

  6. Verify whether the application lists your completed reports.