10.0 Installing the Password Management Component

In this section, you will install Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) that helps you configure Identity Manager to allow users to reset their passwords.

SSPR integrates with the identity applications, identity reporting, and OSP to ensure that users who need to modify their passwords get directed to the appropriate web pages without performing any additional actions. After users complete their self-service activities, SSPR redirects users to the application that they original attempted to access.

NOTE:Identity Manager 4.6 and above version uses SSPR as a primary Password Management Tool.

Identity Manager does not require SSPR. You can use an alternative method for resetting user passwords.However, you might need to modify some configuration settings for Identity Manager. For more information, see Configuring Forgotten Password Management.

The installation files are located in the \products\CommonApplication\sspr_install directory. By default, the installation program installs the SSPR components in C:\NetIQ\idm\apps\sspr.

NetIQ recommends that you review the installation process before beginning.