II Installing Identity Manager Engine

This section provides information about installing some of the basic framework for your Identity Manager server. This installation program allows you to install the following components:

  • Identity Manager drivers

  • Identity Manager engine

  • iManager plug-ins for Identity Manager

NetIQ bundles the components in the same installation program for your convenience. You can choose to install them on the same server or install them individually. The installation files are located in the \products\idm directory in the Identity Manager installation package. By default, the installation program installs the components in C:\NetIQ.

NetIQ recommends that you review the installation process before beginning. For more information, see Checklist for Installing the Identity Manager Engine, Drivers, and Plug-ins.

NOTE:This installation program also can install Remote Loader and Fanout Agent. For more information about installing Remote Loader, see Section 6.0, Installing the Remote Loader.