4.1 Checklist for Installing the Identity Manager Engine, Drivers, and Plug-ins

Before beginning the installation process, NetIQ recommends that you review the following steps.

Checklist Items

  1. Review the planning information. For more information, see Section I, Planning to Install Identity Manager.

  1. Review the hardware and software requirements for the computers that will host the Identity Manager engine. For more information, see Meeting System Requirements.

  1. Learn about the options in the installation program. For more information, see Understanding the Installation Program.

  1. (Conditional) For a guided installation process (wizard) of the Identity Manager engine, see Section 5.0, Installing the Engine, Drivers, and iManager Plug-ins.

  1. (Conditional) To install the components in a single command, see Performing a Silent Installation.

  1. (Conditional) To install the Remote Loader, see Installing Remote Loader.

  1. Start the driver instance in the Remote Loader. For more information, see Section 6.3, Configuring the Remote Loader and Drivers.

  1. Install the rest of the Identity Manager components, including the identity applications and Identity Reporting.