2.0 Adding a Predefined Job

Identity Manager includes the following predefined jobs:

  • Driver Health: Evaluates the health conditions for the driver, assigns the health state, and carries out any actions associated with the health state.

  • Password Expiration Notification: Sends e-mail notifications to users whose passwords are about to expire.

  • Random Password Generator: Generates a random password for identified objects.

  • Schedule Driver: Starts or stops the driver.

  • Subscriber Channel Trigger: Submits XML documents to the Subscriber channel to trigger events.

  • Association Statistics: Calculates the association statistics per server.

Two jobs (Driver Health and Password Expiration Notification) also operate at the driver set level; they automatically apply to all drivers in the driver set unless you change the job scope to exclude some drivers.

The last three jobs (Random Password Generator, Schedule Driver, and Subscriber Channel Trigger) operate at the driver level, which means that you can add them to individual drivers.