4.3 Viewing Requests

To view the status of a request in progress and completed requests, in the Dashboard select:

Access > Request History

A team manager or supervisor can see the request history of other team members in the Others tab.

You can also raise a Helpdesk ticket for your pending requests.

For more information, click on the Dashboard.

4.3.1 Tracking a Request

For each request, you can view not only your actions but also the workflow involved in approving or denying your request. Each step in the process has a timestamp.

To track a pending request, select the request, then change the upper-right menu to User and System. The Dashboard shows the current state of the request in the approval process.

Figure 4-1 Tracking a Request

4.3.2 Canceling a Request

You can cancel a pending request from Request History. Select the request in the list, then select Cancel this request on the subsequent window.

4.3.3 Raising a Helpdesk Ticket

You can contact the Helpdesk if you are seeking help for any unattended requests for a long time.

You can raise a Helpdesk ticket in the following places:

  • Access > Request, click Helpdesk Ticket.

  • Applications, click Helpdesk Ticket.

  • Access > Request History, click on the request that you want to raise a helpdesk ticket.

    For more information, click on the Dashboard.

Helpdesk members receive a notification about the helpdesk ticket. You will get the notification on your ticket, once the ticket is resolved or closed.