4.4 Adding Packages to an Existing Driver

You can add new functionality to an existing driver by adding new packages to it.

  1. Right-click the driver, then click Properties.

  2. Click Packages, then upgrade the already installed Active Directory Base package.

    1. Select the package from the list of packages, then click the Select Operation cell.

    2. Click Upgrade from the drop-down list, then click Apply.

    3. Click OK to close the Package Management page.

      You can upgrade the Password Synchronization package in a similar way.

  3. Click the Add Packages icon Active Directory Discovery Tool.

  4. Select the packages to install.

    NOTE:The Active Directory Entitlements and Exchange Mailbox Support package contains content for resource onboarding and entitlement assignment functionality. Select it to enable this functionality.

  5. (Optional) If you want to see all available packages for the driver, clear the Show only applicable package versions option, if you want to see all available packages for the driver, then click OK.

    This option is only displayed on drivers. By default, only the packages that can be installed on the selected driver are displayed.

  6. Click Apply to install all of the packages listed with the Install operation.

  7. (Conditional) Fill in the fields with appropriate information to install the package you selected for the driver, then click Next.

  8. Read the summary of the installation, then click Finish.

  9. Click OK to close the Package Management page after you have reviewed the installed packages.

  10. Modify the driver configuration settings. See Configuring the Driver.

  11. Deploy the driver. See Deploying the Driver.

  12. Start the driver. See Starting the Driver.

  13. (Conditional) Review the newly created or modified configuration objects. See Viewing Entitlements Onboarding Configuration Objects.

  14. Repeat Step 1 through Step 9 for each driver where you want to add the new packages.