2.2 Preparing the Software

Identity Assurance Solution is made up of several software components:

2.2.1 Novell Products that Need to be Downloaded and Installed

  • Novell eDirectoryTM

  • Novell Identity Manager

  • Novell Audit

2.2.2 Third-Party Products that Need to be Installed

  • Honeywell SmartPlus Enrollment

  • ActivIdentity CMS

  • Honeywell SmartPlus Integration

For more information on installing these products, see Section 3.1, Installing the User Enrollment Biometric Capture Station,Section 3.2, Installing the Card Management System, and Section 3.3, Installing the Physical Access Control System.

2.2.3 IAS CD Images

  • Configuration files

  • Drivers

  • Workstation setup software

Download the IAS .iso files and verify the MD 5 values, then create a CD for each .iso file you downloaded. Label each CD as outlined in the following table:


CD Label


CD 1-IAS Modules


CD 2-IAS Client

The CDs are referenced according to these labels throughout the installation instructions.