3.6 Upgrading eDirectory on Windows

When upgrading eDirectory, you can upgrade from eDirectory 8.8.8.x 64-bit to eDirectory 9.2 64-bit.

NOTE:To upgrade from a 32-bit version of eDirectory to a 64-bit version of eDirectory, first upgrade 32-bit version to eDirectory 8.8.x 64-bit version and then upgrade it to eDirectory 9.2. You can follow the same procedure for upgrading a 64-bit eDirectory to eDirectory 9.2.

The following sections provide information to help you upgrade your existing eDirectory installation to the current version.

3.6.1 Upgrading eDirectory Using Windows Installer

You can upgrade your eDirectory server using the Windows installer. Perform the following steps to upgrade your eDirectory server:

  1. At the Windows server, log in as Administrator or as a user with administrative privileges

  2. Run eDirectory_920_Windows_x86_64.exe from the windows folder in the eDirectory 9.2 CD or from the downloaded file.

  3. The installer screen will now display the existing eDirectory tree name and server FDN on the Basic tab. Enter the tree admin credentials and click on the Upgrade button to proceed with the upgrade process.

  4. On the Advanced tab, you can change the existing settings that was set while installing eDirectory. For more information, see Installing or Updating eDirectory 9.2 on a Windows Server.

3.6.2 Unattended Upgrade of eDirectory on Windows

Upgrading eDirectory on Windows can be done in silent mode.

On Windows, you must install the latest version of eDirectory before upgrading using following command:

<Download Location Path>\eDirectory_920_Windows_x86_64.exe /qn

For example,

D:\builds\eDirectory_920_Windows_x86_64.exe /qn

For more information, see Unattended Install and Configure to eDirectory 9.2 on Windows.

After upgrading all the libraries successfully, mention the tree name, server name and admin credential of the existing eDirectory server in the upgrade.ni response file.

Below is a sample upgrade.ni response file shown with the upgrade configuration:

Tree Name=enewtree
Server Name=enewserver
Server Container=org
Admin Context=org
Admin Login Name=Admin
Admin Password=env:PASSWORD_VAR
Require IPV6=NO
Require EBA=NO
Require FIPS for TLS=YES
LDAP TCP Port=389
LDAP SSL Port=636
Require TLS=Yes
Require SS=Yes
Existing Server=
Existing Server Port=524

Stop service=No

Methods=CertMutual,Challenge Response,DIGEST-MD5,NDS,Simple Password,SAML

Once the upgrade.ni response file is updated with the required eDirectory server details, run the following command to upgrade your eDirectory server:

<eDirectory installed location> ./EConfig.ps1 -rfile <Sample_Response_Files location>\upgrade.ni

For example, C:\NetIQ\eDirectory> ./EConfig.ps1 -rfile C:\Sample_Response_Files\upgrade.ni.