4.4 Replication

In this release, some background processes have been redesigned to cater to large, dynamic environments. For more information, see Managing Background Process in the NetIQ eDirectory Administration Guide.

We recommend that you set the Hard Limit to 5ms and enable Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization. However, if the CPU utilization goes high, increase the sleep duration. Figure 4-1 shows the values set for Background Process Delay Settings.

Figure 4-1 Background Process Settings

In-house lab tests were performed on a setup of 10 servers with the following settings: Hard Limit- 0ms, Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization - enabled, and Async Dispatcher Thread Delay - 0ms. The tests have shown that replication is 7 times faster than with the default settings. During this test, no other client operations were performed.

NOTE:To reap the best benefits of the performance of your systems with these scalability enhancements, you must be on eDirectory 9.1 on all servers. Even if there are some older versions in the replica ring, there is improvement in performance.