1.6 SecretStore Integration with eDirectory

eDirectory 9.1 gives you an option to configure Novell SecretStore 3.4 during eDirectory configuration. Prior to eDirectory 9.0, you had to manually install SecretStore.

SecretStore is a simple and secure password management solution. It enables you to use a single authentication to eDirectory to access most Linux, Windows, Web, and mainframe applications.

After you've authenticated to eDirectory, SecretStore-enabled applications store and retrieve the appropriate login credentials. When you use SecretStore, you eliminate the need to remember or synchronize all the multiple passwords required for accessing password-protected applications, Web sites, and mainframes.

To configure SecretStore 3.4 along with eDirectory, you can do the following:

  • Linux:

    Use the ndsconfig add -m ss parameter. Here, ss denotes SecretStore and is an optional parameter. If you do not mention the module name, all the modules are installed. If you do not want to configure SecretStore, you can pass the no_ss value to this option by specifying -m no_ss.

  • Windows:

    While installing eDirectory, there is an option to specify whether to configure the SecretStore module. By default, this option is selected.

For more information on the SecretStore usage, refer to the Novell SecretStore 3.4 Administration Guide.