21.3 eDirectory Service Manager Issues

If you use the eDirectory Service Manager in iManager to stop eDirectory, restarting it through Service Manager is not possible. Use the eDirectory Services utility (C:\novell\NDS\NDSCons.exe) on the eDirectory server to restart eDirectory.

21.3.1 Deletion of a Moved Object

Deletion of a moved object might fail (error -637) in a tree with two or more servers.

21.3.2 Issue with Moving a Dynamic Group

Moving a Dynamic Group object with dynamicgroup in the Object Class attribute to another container breaks the dynamic group functionality. After the move, queries and searches on dynamic members do not work.

21.3.3 Issue with Repairing Network Addresses through eMBox

When you repair the network addresses through eMBox, it throws the following errors because eMBox is not updated with the recent fixes for repair:

ERROR: Could not find a net address for this server - Error : 11004

ERROR: Could not connect. Error : 11004

21.3.4 Viewing French Man Pages

To view the French man page on Red Hat Linux, export the following:

export MANPATH=/opt/novell/man/frutf8:/opt/novell/eDirectory/man/frutf8

21.3.5 Deleting a Moved Object

Deletion of a moved object might fail (error -637) in a tree with two or more servers.

21.3.6 eDirectory Does Not Generate a Logout Event due to eDirectory Client Limitation

eDirectory does not generate a Logout event when you log out of iManager. This is because of a technical limitation in the client part of eDirectory.

Auditing applications can use NWDS APIs to receive logout events. Applications that use LDAP can monitor logout with unbind events.

21.3.7 Issues Generated by TERM While Running DSTrace

TIME and TAGS tags are displayed as enabled (underlined), but not by default. When the TERM is set to VT100 or xterm from a Linux terminal, these tags are displayed as if they are enabled (underlined). This issue does not occur for any other term, such as dtterm.

21.3.8 eMBox Does Not Handle Double-Byte Characters

eMBox does not handle double-byte characters for setting a roll-forward directory through the eMBox client and iManager. This can still be done by using DSBK.