2.1 eDirectory Design Basics

An efficient eDirectory design is based on the network layout, organizational structure of the company, and proper preparation.

If you are designing eDirectory for e-business, refer to Designing eDirectory for e-Business.

2.1.1 Network Layout

The network layout is the physical setup of your network. To develop an efficient eDirectory design, you need to be aware of the following:

  • WAN links

  • Users that need remote access

  • Network resources (such as number of servers)

  • Network conditions (such as frequent power outages)

  • Anticipated changes to the network layout

2.1.2 Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the company will influence the eDirectory design. To develop an efficient eDirectory design you need,

  • The organizational chart and an understanding of how the company operates.

  • Personnel who have the skills needed to complete the design and implementation of your eDirectory tree.

    You will need to identify personnel who can do the following:

    • Maintain the focus and schedule of the eDirectory design

    • Understand eDirectory design, design standards, and security

    • Understand and maintain the physical network structure

    • Manage the internetwork backbone, telecommunications, WAN design, and router placement

2.1.3 Preparing for eDirectory Design

Before you actually create the eDirectory design, you should

  • Set realistic expectations concerning scope and schedule.

  • Notify all users who will be affected by the design of your implementation of eDirectory.

  • Review the information in Network Layout and Organizational Structure.