5.3 User Certificate Issues

5.3.1 Waiting for Servers to Synchronize

Occasionally, after the user certificate has been created, the client is unable to refresh the view to include the new certificate. A dialog box is shown with the message “Waiting for servers to synchronize.” At this point, the user certificate has been created but the servers involved in the creation have not yet synchronized. You can close the dialog box without impacting the creation of the user's certificate.

5.3.2 Error Reusing Certificate Nicknames

If an error occurs during user certificate creation, try using a different nickname for the certificate. The nickname that was specified might not be available for reuse.

5.3.3 -1426 Error Exporting a User's Private Key

All servers with replicas of the partition in which the User object resides should have the same level of cryptography (U.S./Worldwide NICI or Import Restricted NICI). If they do not, an error of -1426 might appear when exporting the user's private key if the key size is too large.

To export the user's private key after a -1426 error has occurred, you must either upgrade the cryptography on the servers with replicas of the partition or remove the replica from those servers that have exportable cryptography.

5.3.4 Workstation Cryptography Strength

If U.S/Worldwide (high-grade) cryptography is loaded on your NetWare® server, you have the option to create user certificates with key sizes of 512, 768, 1024, 2048 and 4096 bits. However, any key size larger than 512 bits cannot be used with GroupWise® 5.5, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, or Netscape Messenger unless you also have high-grade cryptography installed on the client workstation.