A.1 Upgrade Failure Scenarios

It is possible that the upgrade process could have problems. If this should occur, we suggest you follow these general steps to recover from those errors and “roll back” to the previous version of Cloud Manager Orchestration.

A.1.1 Failure Scenario 1: Error Resolution

Follow these steps if you can resolve the error.

  1. Open the upgrade log file to learn about the reason for the error, then resolve it.

  2. Re-run the configuration

A.1.2 Failure Scenario 2: Cannot Resolve Error

Follow these steps if you cannot resolve the error:

  1. Remove the new instance directory for the Cloud Manager Orchestration Server, not including the datagrid.

  2. Copy the old instance directory /var/opt/novell/zenworks/zos.bak and the license key file to restore the Orchestration Server 3.1.4 data from the snapshot.

  3. Restore the previous version RPMs of the Orchestration Server 3.1.4 software.