1.4 Troubleshooting Orchestration Agent Issues

The following sections provide solution to the problems you might encounter while using the Orchestration Console:

Orchestration Agent Fails to Set the UID on Files Copied from the Datagrid

Source: Orchestration Agent
Explanation: If Network File System (NFS) is used to mount a shared volume across nodes that are running the Orchestration Agent, the agent cannot properly set the UID on files copied from the datagrid to the managed nodes by using the default NFS configuration on most systems.
Action: To address this problem, disable root squashing in NFS so that the agent has the necessary privileges to change the owner of the files it copies.

For example, on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) NFS server or on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) NFS server, the NFS configuration is set in /etc/exports. The following configuration is needed to disable root squashing:

/auto/home *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)

In this example, /auto/home is the NFS mounted directory to be shared.

NOTE:The GID is not set for files copied from the datagrid to an NFS mounted volume, whether root squashing is disabled or not. This is a limitation of NFS.