1.3 Troubleshooting Orchestration Console Issues

The following sections provide solution to the problems you might encounter while using the Orchestration Console:

The Server Console Displays Incorrect CPU Speed for SLES 11 SP1 Resources

Source: Orchestration Console
Explanation: The CPU speed displayed in the Orchestration Console (see the resource.cpu.mhz and resource.metrics.cpu_speed facts) for SLES 11 SP1 resources is incorrect. The invalid display results from powersave settings on the CPU. Until the CPU has been run at full speed, /proc/cpuinfo displays this incorrect value for CPU MHz, and the value in the Orchestration Server is also incorrect.
Possible Cause: The issue results from the CPU starting in powersave mode. This slows down the CPU until it is needed, so /proc/cpuinfo does not show the maximum potential speed of the CPU. Instead, it shows the maximum speed that the CPU has shown since boot time.
Action: To work around this issue, run the powersave --performance-speed command at the server command line.

This command forces the CPU to reach its maximum speed, so you should see the correct value displayed in /proc/cpuinfo and the Development Client should also display the correct speed. After you run this command, you can set the powersave mode to a normal state with either of the following commands:

powersave --powersave-speed


powersave --dynamic-speed

When the powersave mode is set to a normal state, /proc/cpuinfo retains the accurate value for the current CPU speed.

HINT:To see the contents of /proc/cpuinfo, run the cat /proc/cpuinfo command at the bash prompt of your SLES server.

After Installing the Orchestration Agent on VM, the VM is Not Displayed as a Resource in the Orchestration Console

Source: The Orchestration Console
Action: Do the following:
  • Ensure that the Orchestration Agent is running on the VM.

  • Ensure that no errors have been logged into the agent.log file.

    The log file is located in the <Orchestration_Agent_installation_directory>\novell\zos\agent\node.default directory on Windows and in the /opt/novell/zos/agent/node.default directory on Linux.

  • Ensure that the Orchestration Server is registered to the DNS server.