1.10 Troubleshooting Linux KVM VM Provisioning Operations

The following sections provide solution to the problems you might encounter while performing provisioning operations on VMs managed by the Linux KVM hypervisor:

The Save Config Action Does Not change the vnic.model Fact Value

Source: Orchestration Server.
Explanation: The value of the vnic.model fact on a KVM VM is not set to “virtio” by default. This might cause a slowdown in the vNIC performance for that VM.

Changing the vnic.model fact value from “hypervisor default” to “virtio” in the Orchestration Console and then performing the Save Config action does not change the value.

Action: Set the model for the vNIC (virtio) in the KVM virt-manager, then rediscover the VM in the Orchestration Console.

VM Migration Fails if Target Host is Unable to Resolve its Hostname

Source: During a migration, the migration fails with a name resolution error.
Explanation: In order to complete the migration, the target host needs to be able to resolve its host name to an IP address.
Possible Cause: In some cases, a host’s name isn’t properly added to the /etc/hosts file.
Action: Update the /etc/hosts file to include an entry for the host’s name, or ensure that the host is properly able to resolve its own name via DNS.