D.0 Adding User Logins for VM Operators

In a default setup, the PlateSpin Orchestrate infrastructure administrator is the only user who can log in to the VM Client and manage VMs. This section explains how you can add individual VM operator login IDs, so that they can also log in to and use the VM Client to manage VMs.

The login names that you create are displayed in the User column for event logs in the VM Client. For example:

Figure D-1 Event Log Tab for a VM Showing the User Column

In this example, system is displayed as the user who initiated the actions because the VM operator logged in to the grid as the default administrator user.

When you provide individual login names for VM operators, their login names are displayed so that anyone logged in to the VM Client can see who initiated each action.

To add individual user login IDs:

  1. In the Development Client, click Actions > Create User.

    This opens the Create a New User dialog box:

  2. In the New User Name field, specify the login name.

  3. Make sure that the Target Groups section contains administrators.

    If not, select administrators in the Source Groups section, then click the Add button.

    When you add this user to the administrators group, the user can use the VM Client to administer life cycle operations on virtual machines.

  4. Click Create > Close.

  5. In the Explorer panel, browse to the new user:

  6. On the Info/Groups tab, expand the Info section, then fill in the fields in the other subsections as necessary.

    IMPORTANT:In the Password field in the Personal Information subsection, the default password is the one that you created for the administrator login when you installed the PlateSpin Orchestrate Server software. Be sure to change this default password to another password for this new user.

  7. Expand the Groups section and confirm that administrators is displayed in the User Group ID list:

    If the administrators group is not listed, click Choose to add it.

  8. Click File > Save to save the new user’s information.

  9. Repeat Step 1 through Step 8 for each new VM operator login that you want to create.