7.4 Moving a Template

IMPORTANT:If the template has a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM defined in it, it must be accessible through shared storage to the target host server. Otherwise, the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is not included in the move and any VMs cloned from the template cannot start. In that case, you should remove the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM from the template before moving it.

If the VM you want to move has had clones made from it, you must first detach all of the clones. For more information, see Section 8.2, Detaching Clones from Templates.

You can move a template’s files from one host server to another.

  1. In the VM Client, click the Templates view, right-click the template to be moved, then select Move to display the following dialog box:

    Move Virtual Machine Dialog Box
  2. Select the repository, then click Move.

    The template’s files are moved to the host server where the repository resides.