3.6 Changing the VM Client Theme

The default theme is Black Pearl. Following are examples of the available themes:

To change the VM Client’s color theme:

  1. In the VM Client, click View > Change Theme to display the Change Theme dialog box:

    Change Theme Dialog Box

    The currently selected theme has (current) next to its name.

    This option is available on both the Welcome page as well as in the Inventory sections, so you can change the theme on the Welcome page before logging in to a host.

  2. In the drop-down list, select a theme and click OK to display the Restart VM Client dialog box:

    Restart VM Client Dialog Box

    If you select the theme with (current) next to its name and click OK, the Restart VM Client dialog box is not displayed because you have not selected to change the theme.

  3. To make the theme change take effect, click Yes to restart the VM Client.

    You must log in to your host server again when the client restarts.

    If you click No, the theme change takes effect the next time you reopen the VM Client.

    Logging in and out of a host server does not make the theme change take effect.