10.2 Accessing VMs and Host Servers

VM or host server is not accessible

Source: The PlateSpin Orchestrate VM Client.
Explanation: A VM or host server does not appear to be accessible for any actions. This might be because its Enabled check box is disabled. By default, this check box is enabled.
Action: In the Development Client:
  1. In the Explorer panel, expand the Resources section.

  2. Browse for and select the VM or host server.

  3. Click the Info tab and expand the Info section.

  4. For a VM, expand its Resource Information section; for a host server, expand its VmHost Information section.

  5. For a VM, make sure the Resource Enabled check box is selected; for a host server, make sure the Enabled check box is selected.

  6. If you changed the status of the check box, click File > Save to make the change effective.

    You should now be able to perform actions against the VM or host server.