3.3 Using the Error Log

The Error Log section is displayed at the bottom of the interface window when you click View > Show Error Log. You can also double-click an error message in the lower left of the VM Client window to open this view.

Both the Error Log and Progress View sections use the same position in the VM Client window. You can drag them to other positions or toggle between them by using the View menu options.

Figure 3-15 Detached Error Log Section

You can double-click in the Error Log section’s title area to expand it to use the entire VM Client window, or the entire computer monitor window if it is detached. Double-click again to return it to its previous size and location.

You can right-click a log entry for access to the same options that are available in the upper right corner of the Error Log section. Included in the right-click menu is the Event Details option:

Figure 3-16 Right-Click Menu Options for Error Log Entries

Use these menu options to do the following:

Table 3-1 Right-Click Menu Options for the Error Log Section




Copies information about the error entry that you right-click to your computer’s clipboard.

Clear Log Viewer

Clears all entries from the Error Log section.

Delete Log

Clears all entries from the Error Log section and deletes the log file. It cannot be recovered.

Open Log

Same functionality as the Restore Log option. Because the VM Client uses a hard-coded log file on the host server the you are logged in to, an Open dialog box is not displayed.

Restore Log

Restores all entries to the Error Log section from an existing log.

Export Log

Exports the complete log to a file that you specify.

Import Log

Same functionality as the Restore Log option. This option is not used in the VM Client because a hard-coded log file located on the host server that you are logged in to is used for logging.

Export Entry

Exports only the selected error log entry to a file that you specify.

Event Details

Provides more detail on the error. See Figure 3-17.

The Event Details option displays the following dialog box:

Figure 3-17 Event Details Dialog Box

The VM Client is based on Eclipse and uses the standard Eclipse Error Log view. For more information, see Error Log.